Replacement car key programming for BMW

If you need replacement car keys for your vehicle, JFM Service Centre offers you affordable car keys and car remote replacements. Michael, owner of JFM Service Centre, has many years experience in BMW key programming.

Not all broken car key remotes need to be replaced. If you want to know if it is possible to repair your car remote, visit JFM Service Centre and let Michael assess it for you. Should your key be beyond repair, he will help you to find a suitable car remote replacement or key.

If you simply need a replacement BMW key  you can contact JFM Service Centre with the car make and model and Michael will be able to order it for you. Once the key arrived, your replacement car key programming will be done at JFM Service Centre.

Michael can also reprogram your BMW chip on the workshop floor, do an oil change or full service.

With over 10 years’ experience as a BMW* mechanic at an authorised BMW* Service Centre, you can be assured that we can service your¬†vehicle properly.

* Disclaimer

All references to BMW*, Mini*, Hyundai* are purely for reference. JFM Service Centre is not affiliated with any of the motor vehicle manufacturers mentioned on